Innovator’s Mindset Chapter 4 Lifting Others By Letting Them Fall

Educators can not escape the idea that relationships are key to our success. Student learning is improved when teachers take the time to build relationships. Change and innovation are facilitated when administrators and teachers have taken the time to build trust. Creating a relationship with parents and the community allow teachers to share and communicate what is happening within the classroom. It is really all about relationships

So we arrive one of the hard parts of a caring relationship, stepping back and letting someone grow. Growth requires taking risks, and taking risks requires facing failure. It takes time and intention to prove to colleagues and students they will have support when they take risks. I have been fortunate to have administrators who allowed me to take some big risks in the classroom to improve student learning. It started with flipped classroom and progressed to a project-based class where students spent the year planning and building solar charging stations for the school. I had no if we could actually build the stations. But we made it, and it was an amazing year.

To chronicle the year and share with the public, students maintained blogs. So, I am sharing to help answer how to support risk, and how important it is to do so.


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